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Press Release

Raleigh, NC – The number of companies offering heating, air conditioning, and plumbing services has grown drastically in North Carolina in the past few years. In this environment, it’s easy for many companies to overlook the quality of their services and instead focus on the bottomline. This has led to an overall trust issue among customers as the individual doesn’t know who to trust and who to turn to for quality service.

All American ( has a reputation of offering top quality service to all of its clients. From the top management, right down to the technicians in the field, the company is staffed by competent professionals who have a vast array of experience in the air conditioning, heating and plumbing services industry. The company itself was started by a veteran of these industries. He started his career as a technician and has been working in the field for well over 3 decades now.

One of the biggest concerns clients have is whether to trust strangers to come into the house and handle the air conditioning and heating equipment or take care of the plumbing needs. All American is not blind to this. It takes a proactive approach in maintaining a trustworthy work force right from the recruitment stage. A thorough background check is done on each technician and the interview process acts as a filter to find candidates with specific attributes that All American is looking for. These are:


A successful candidate must have all of these attributes in order to be accepted into All American and integrate successfully with the culture at the company. This ensures that All American gets the best quality technicians so that its customers can feel comfortable and have a guarantee of dealing only with the most reliable people in the industry.

All American also requires that its technicians have extensive experience in the field, spanning different areas such as installation, design, and maintenance. In line with this requirement, All American maintains NATE certification for all its employees, requiring them to participate in, and complete, training on an annual basis. The company is also required to attend third party and in-house training for a minimum of 130 hours. All American’s customers can rest assured that any time that All American is contracted, the customer is getting the highest quality service available.