Couples Counseling In Alamo Heights, TX



The release discusses the couples counseling services offered at Brent Wheeler Therapy in Alamo Heights, TX. It also lists other services provided by Mr. Wheeler.

Press Release

Press Release/ Alamo Heights, TX: To keep your marriage healthy and happy, get in touch with Mr. Brent Wheeler, a licensed professional counselor and school psychologist at Brent Wheeler Therapy. Based in Alamo Heights, TX, the counselor offers expert advice to the couples facing relationship problems.

Mr. Wheeler has gained training experience by working in a number of hospitals, youth centers, and rehabilitation departments across the city. He maintains a license as Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP), Psychological Associate (PA), inactive and Professional Counselor (LPC). He is also a certified Hypnotherapist (NBCCH).

According to Mr. Wheeler, “Conflicts and imbalances in relationships can be resolved with the help of an unbiased observer. “ He aims at creating a safe haven where couples can express their feelings. The counseling therapist believes that with support and intervention, partners can address their difficulties to begin the process of problem solving and healing.

Common Problems That Couples Counselors Can Help With

With professional couples counselling, various marriage-related issues like sexual frequency, child-rearing, financial matters, arguments, power struggles, mismatched expectations, stress, anxiety etc. can be dealt with/resolved. The counselor helps couples to explore the conflicts and find a solution to such problems.

Couples can recognize and work out their differences by seeking assistance of a marriage counselor. With personalized help, it becomes easy to break negative patterns so that you can reconnect with your spouse and turn the troubled relationship into a healthy one.

Other Services Offered At Brent Wheeler Therapy:

Individual Therapy
Teenage Counseling
Family Counseling

To schedule an appointment with Mr. Brent Wheeler, visit 4940 Broadway, Ste 225, Alamo Heights, TX 78209 or call at (210) 409 – 7777. You can also log on for further information.