Long Term Property Leasing And Management Services In Corpus Christi, TX



The release discusses the long term property leasing and management services provided by The Rental Management Company in Corpus Christi, TX.

Press Release

Corpus Christi, TX/ 2017: To help vacation rental owners in Corpus Christi, TX in their endeavors and to reduce burden off their shoulders, The Rental Management Company offers long term leasing and property management services.


About The Rental Management Company


The Rental Management Company is a full-service real estate company providing property management services and rentals to people across North Padre Island, Corpus Christi and surrounding areas for over 29 years.


Long Term Property Leasing And Management Services


Right from the beginning to the end, the property managers perform a series of steps to ensure complete satisfaction of their client.


Active Marketing –They rigorously market and list the property on various search engines like AHRN (housing referral database for military members), Zillow, Hotpads etc. apart from company’s own webpage. Marketing the property helps in increasing its visibility to the potential clients.


Comparative Market Analysis – They perform a comparison between different rental properties in the area in order to set a competitive price. This is done to help the clients set an appropriate price while leasing out their property.


Qualifying Applicants – Exclusive check and verification procedure is followed to gather information about the applicant. The tenants are carefully screened on the basis of certain parameters before qualifying their applications


Financial Reporting – They send financial statements of all collections and dues on monthly basis to their client. This is done to keep them up to date regarding the inflows and outflows.


Live Answering Service – They offer a 24/7 live answering service to help their clients in case of an emergency.


Property Maintenance – Regular property inspections are carried out to ensure that the client’s property is well maintained and in good shape.


For more information about the services of The Rental Management Company, call at (361) 949 – 9050 or visit 14613 South Padre Island Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78418. You can also log on to their website http://www.rentalmgmt.com